CdB Tester

Track circuit tester with shunt measurement

This Tester allows to carry out a series of measurements related to the particular signal of the track circuit.

Through the scrolling of a simple menu it is possible to focus the measures in:

  • Code measures
  • Axis current measurements
  • Measurements on disc relays
  • Automatic search and verification of the shunt resistance

The visualization of the measured data takes place via an alphanumeric liquid crystal display with 4 lines by 20 characters. The backlighting on command favors its use even in poor light conditions.

The presence of high-brightness LEDs on the keyboard allows you to immediately view the validation of the frequency and code measurements.

The instrument is equipped with an auto-off function after five minutes, thus preserving the state of charge of the batteries.

The Tester is supplied complete with:

  • Track Connection Accessories (Magnets)
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Disc relay contact
  • Current clamps
  • Resistive box for shunt verification


Local Voltage / Current Campaign Input for voltage measurements with variable full scale of 430Vrms / 50Vrms

Input for voltage measurements with full scale of 10Arms

Shunt Input for Shunt resistance measurements



Protections Voltage inputs protected over 430Vms

Current input protected over 10Arms

Supply   3-cell Li-Ion 3.6V – 1.7A/h batteries

Supply voltage: 11.1V

Autonomy Without backlight over 4 hours

With backlight over 2 hours

Measurement display Display 4 lines by 20 characters – Led on keyboard
Temperature 0°C ÷ 45°C
Weight 1500g
Dimensions 235 x 130 x 50 mm




  Track Circuit Regulation Track Circuit Verification
Code measures Code

Local voltage

Campaign tension


Carrier frequency

Duty Cycle

Axis current measurements Code

Axis current


Carrier frequency

Duty Cycle

Disc Relay Phase

Local voltage

Campaign tension

Shunt From 0 to 6 Ohm 0,25 – 0,5 – 0,8 Ohm