Research and Passion since 1982

Tekfer is a young, agile and dynamic company continuously evolving and expanding. Founded in 1982 thanks to the Italian and international twenty-years experience of its founder, it rapidly adapted to desi in safety techniques and quality management requirements required by the railway signaling market.

The Tekfer core is the Research and Development group which includes many electronic, computer and mechanical engineers in addition to other graduates in various scientific fields. Their activities are very important for all the other business sectors, in particular for the development of products and innovative systems.

The design activity, based on intrinsic safety products for Automatic Block Signalling, is accomplished and integrated with the development of redundant hardware platforms which are able to implement software and protocols in compliance with the SIL4 requirements given by the CENELEC standard rules.

The Research and Development phase is completed thanks to the internal “Verification and validation” group of projects, until reaching the Authorization for commissioning by the National Safety Authority for railways and by the customer homologation.

The products and systems are built with Construction Technical Specifications dictated by many years of experience, by the requirements imposed by the CENELEC sector standard rules and by the regulations issued by the multiple quality certifications achieved.

Inspections, supervisions, ICT and functional test phases, in addition to thermal and vibration tests performed in the internal metrological chamber, are of great importance. The goal is to guarantee the possibility to reproduce the process and assure the final high-level quality and reliability of the product.

The complexity of the provided systems required the training of a team which includes designers, installers and interlocking technicians enrolled in the specific sector’s registers, capable of modifying the customer signaling systems and of taking part in the Test & Commissioning group supporting the customer during the switch-off of the old system and activation of the new one.

Eventually, the presence of specialized maintenance technicians group guarantees a qualified technical assistance service: calling the tool-free number a ready response on national territory is provided.

Our mission

Tekfer has arranged a QUALITY-ENVIRONMENT-SAFETY integrated management system which allows the company to achieve its goals.

For these reasons our policy is intended as a tool for the achievement of the business improvement process. It is aimed at ensuring the pursuit of high standard levels: as regard both the management of environmental problems and the management of health and safety problems.


  • Satisfy, constantly, the customer needs providing products and services in compliance with its requests.
  • Improve the efficiency of the internal organization.
  • Improve the qualitative standard of the provided design, production and testing services of the railway signaling systems and devices.
  • Organize testing phases in order to correct and prevent potential non-compliance.
  • Pursue the continuous improvement of the processes in environmental fields as well as in the Health and Safety ones.
  • Reduce pollution.
  • Prevent the risks of accidents and occupational diseases


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